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Cache Simple's Download service is designed to deliver large binary files such as electronic software, large format files, and multimedia software. The Download service improves download completion rates while providing instant scalability to accommodate your electronic file distribution needs.

The Download service is designed for customers who want:

  • Large File Support: ability to support files up to 10 GB in file size
  • To improve Download Completion Rates: access to Akamai's Download Manager

Benefits of using Cache Simple's Download service:

  • On Demand scalability to support seasonal or unplanned activity
  • Improve your download performance through edge delivery
  • Deliver your files via a download manager without any code changes
  • Instant global reach for your downloads

How it Works

As with Cache Simple's Site Distribution solution, the Download service is based on a reverse proxy cache paradigm. When an end user requests a piece of content, he is directed to an edge server near his location, based on a complex load balancing process. Once the end user is directed to the local edge server, the cache server determines if it has the item in its local repository. If it does, it delivers that content to the end user. In the event that the content item is not in cache, the edge server will retrieve that item from the origin server and serve it out to the end user. Subsequently, the item requested is now stored in cache.

The Download service differs from the Site Distribution service in three key areas:

  • Optimization for Large File Delivery: improves origin offload rates by eliminating the need to re-fetch the entire file in the event the end user aborts the download
  • Network Footprint: more disk space is allocated at the edge
  • Access to Download Manager: ability for end users to start, stop, and resume downloads

Software Distribution Solutions:

  • Download Manager

    Akamai's Download Manager is a customizable client that allows end users to start, stop, and resume their software download. Most importantly, customers do not have to alter their Web site or software files in order to make use of the Download Manager. Available as an Active X component or Java applet, when a customer requests a download, a small binary file that controls the download is first delivered to the end user. The Download Manager not only allows the end user to control the download process, but also automatically recover from dropped connections and system crashes without having to download the entire file again.

  • Electronic Software Delivery

    Akamai's ESD is the next generation software downloads solution that has been proven to increase download completion rates through a better final user experience. Unlike alternative electronic delivery solutions that rely on a single or few centralized datacenters and do not provide optimizations for a file size or file integrity, ESD provides the technology to deliver both small and large software downloads effectively to the end users, and provides the visibility to monitor the entire download process through server and client side analytics reporting.

Additional Options Available

  • Log Delivery: email or FTP of your log files
  • Download Receipts: receive instant confirmation of completed software deliveries
  • Cloud Storage: mirrored off site storage to offload your origin infrastructure

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