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Cache Simple's Security products are based on Akamai Kona solutions that are designed to provide superior cloud computing security, prevent data theft and downtime and mitigate denial of service attacks by extending the security perimeter outside the origin datacenter.

  • Web Application Firewall: A solution that protects the integrity and performance of web applications by defending against application layer attacks such as GET Floods, SQL Injections, and Cross Site Scripts.
  • Site Shield: protects the origin servers by effectively removing it from the Internet-accessible IP address space, adding an additional layer of security protection while still ensuring that content is delivered quickly and without fail, regardless of end user location.
Other Solutions

Website Distribution

Site Distribution improves your Web site performance, extends your global reach, and allows you to instantly scale your business without the need to over-provision your origin infrastructure.

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With the ability to leverage any major streaming format, DCI's On Demand Streaming offer will improve your end user experience while reducing your time to market.

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Designed to compliment your content distribution needs, Cloud Storage provides 100% uptime to ensure you always have access to your content.

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