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Website Distribution

Cache Simple’s website distribution is a cost-effective outsourced caching service that provides whole site delivery capabilities. Website Distribution improves your Web site performance, extends your global reach, and allows you to instantly scale your business without the need to increase the resources of your origin infrastructure.

The Site Distribution service is designed for customers who want:

  • HTML Delivery: basic Web page caching over HTTP
  • Embedded Object Delivery: accelerate delivery of gifs, jpegs, pdf, etc. over an image domain or through an Akamai prepend (Akamai Resource Locator ARL)

Benefits of using Cache Simple's Site Distribution service:

  • Improved performance through edge delivery
  • Instant global reach without growing your IT infrastructure
  • Ability to scale your business for planned/unplanned or seasonal events
  • Reliability improves with global redundancy
  • Gain more visibility and control over your online activities

How it Works

Site Distribution is based on a reverse proxy cache paradigm. When an end user requests a piece of content, he is directed to an edge server near his location, based on a complex load balancing process. Once the end user is directed to the local edge server, the cache server determines if it has the item in its local repository. If it does, it delivers that content to the end user. In the event that the content item is not in cache, the edge server will retrieve that item from the origin server and serve it out to the end user. Subsequently, the item requested is now stored in cache. This allows an efficient use of the edge caches by not requesting content that is not needed by end users, sometimes referred to as limiting cache pollution.

How Website distribution works

How does Site Distribution differs from other caching solutions on the market?

Site Distribution delivers your Web content from servers close to your end users, ensuring a high-quality experience for every visitor. Unlike other content distribution offerings that provide services from a set of centralized servers, Site Distribution delivers your content from local delivery points bypassing Internet peering limitations and transit bandwidth congestion as well as mitigating bottlenecks at the origin. As a result, end users receive a superior quality of service.

Additional Options Available

  • Log Delivery: email or FTP of your log files
  • Site Failover: actively monitor your origin and deliver a static Web page in the event that your origin server is not available
  • Secure Whole Site Delivery: SSL delivery using your hostname

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