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Cache Simple's On Demand Streaming Solution allows you to stream your videos without owning a streaming media server. With the ability to leverage any major streaming format, DCI's On Demand Streaming offer will improve your end user experience while reducing your time to market.

The Cloud Streaming service is designed for customers who need:

  • Streaming Video: ability to stream multimedia files
  • On Demand Scale: streaming capacity is available when you need it
  • Improved Streaming Performance: deliver streams from servers near the location of the end user
  • Global Reach: domestic and international streaming points of presence

Benefits of using Cache Simple's Streaming service:

  • Improve your end user experience through EDGE delivery
  • Reduce time to market by avoiding the need to deploy your own streaming media servers
  • Ability to support events both large and small
  • Support for multiple streaming formats

How it Works

Cache Simple's On Demand Streaming is based on reverse proxy technology where content is drawn on the platform only when end users request content. Rather than deploying your multimedia files on a streaming server, you simply host your multimedia files on an HTTP Web server. When an end user requests a piece of streaming content, the end user is directed towards the nearest available edge streaming server. The edge server makes a determination as to whether or not it has the content item. It the edge server does have the content; the server will immediately begin to stream that content to the end user. In the event that the edge server does not have the content, the edge server will initiate an HTTP byte range request to retrieve the content from the HTTP Web server (or Cloud Storage repository). The multimedia file is requested via TCP to ensure a lossless copy of the stream to the edge server while, simultaneously, it is streamed to the end user over UDP or TCP - depending on what protocol the end user supports.

Key Features of Cloud Streaming

  • Supported by Akamai's Media Delivery service to provide reliability, scalability, and performance
  • Support for On Demand Windows Media, QuickTime, Real, and Flash files
  • Stream using native platforms
  • No special software or hardware required to enable streaming media
  • Seamless integration with Cloud Storage
  • Reporting via Cache Simples's Cloud Control portal

Additional Options Available

  • Cloud Storage: store your multimedia files off site to ensure 100% availability
  • Live Streaming: streaming support for live events using any major streaming format
  • Secure Streaming: limit access to your streaming content based on geographic or IP address conditions
  • Log Delivery: email or FTP of your streaming log files

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