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Cache Simple's Storage solution is an outsourced service that provides two-way geographically diverse storage capability. Designed to complement your content distribution needs, Cloud Storage provides 100% uptime to ensure you always have access to your content.

  • Origin Offload: content comes from the Cloud Storage repositories thus mitigating origin traffic and load.
  • High Availability: guaranteed 100% availability
  • Geographically Replicated Storage: avoid single points of failure
  • On Demand Scale: mitigate storage requirements on origin servers

Key Features of Cloud Storage

  • Based on Akamai's NetStorage product offering ensuring multiple terabytes of capacity
  • Seamlessly integrates into the Website Distribution, Streaming, or Download service solutions
  • Redundant and fault tolerant storage facilities ensuring 100% availability of your content
  • Connectivity to multiple ISPs via multihomeing
  • Real-time content replication
  • Ability to upload content via FTP and RSYNC protocols
  • Leverages Akamai's Global Traffic Management product to ensure that uploads and downloads are directed to the best performing storage location

How it Works

With Cloud Storage, you upload your content through FTP or RSYNC to a designated Distribution Cloud hostname. Once uploaded, your content is instantaneously replicated to a geographically diverse storage facility. The storage repositories are located in geographically and network diverse locations to ensure high availability and optimum performance. Subsequently, your content can be accessed via a standard HTTP Web call.

How does Cloud Storage differ from other storage solutions on the market?

  • Capacity is delivered on demand to scale with your business needs - no need to allocate usage requirements
  • Real-time replication and access to your content - no delays to get access
  • Geographic and network diversity - not just internal datacenter replication
  • No hidden fees - simple GB pricing model with no extra fees for out and in traffic to your storage

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